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Patrick Hort playing at Surbiton

Patrick Hort playing at the Surbiton Croquet Club

Oxford Croquet celebrated its 15th birthday in February 2017

Croquet is a satisfying sport utilising tactics and touch in equal measure. It combines strategy and precision and is a bit like snooker on grass or a combination of chess and golf. Croquet can be enjoyed by all ages and sexes on an equal basis.

How to Play Croquet   Find your nearest croquet club

For an example of croquet played by an expert see this video.

This site collects together information concerning Association Croquet in over 700 articles and presents coaching information intended for both complete beginners and world champions.

There are two main forms of croquet: Association (or International) Rules croquet and American Rules croquet. The majority of the tactical information on this site is for the Association Rules game.

See Croquet World Online, for American Rules information.

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3D lawn


Virtual 3D Croquet Lawn.

Oxford Croquet's research laboratory is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art coaching aid. This is a 3D lawn which can be rotated and zoomed in real time as standard manoeuvres are demonstrated. It is much easier to understand these lines of play from the animations rather than a stack of diagrams.

book iconComplete croquet books online

  • Plus One On Time: Croquet Tactics from novice to medium ability players by Don Gaunt.
  • Expert Croquet Tactics: Keith Wylie's book is the bible of Association Croquet strategy for A-class and International players.
  • Croquet Management: Classic tournament management manual by two very experienced managers, Gaunt and Wheeler.

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