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Lawn Care
Removing Puddles

Kathy Wallace reports on a novel method of getting puddles to soak away. I suspect it will depend on the nature of your court as to how effective it will be.

Nailsea has a wonderful solution to puddles. We recently bought a Sarel roller for tining (on the advice of Duncan Hector). On the Sunday morning of  a weekend tournament in July, the floods came. Geoff Hughes (of Nailsea stop nets fame) had the bright idea of spiking the lawns to give the water somewhere to go.

Showing the turf before and after rolling

Showing the turf before and after rolling

He towed the light roller behind it. I think the idea of the light roller was to flatten the grass and reduce the slight pin cushion effect. In fact, it dispersed the water beautifully. The tournament got started again after an early lunch.

Marcus Evans using the sarel roller

Marcus Evans with Sarel roller and light roller behind

This weekend, Marcus Evans used the same technique to rescue an  SWF Advanced League match against Dyffryn.

Sarel roller and light roller

Sarel and light roller

We’re not sure which made the most difference, the spiking or the light roller but the combination was definitely effective. The lawns were suffering from a bad case of Dry Patch [making them water repellent] following the extreme dry weather particularly and unusually in April but followed by very dry May, June and July. 

Author: Kathy Wallace
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