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Please use the form below to add or update details about a club.

If you need to update the position of a club use the map below (instructions in yellow panel). Club name and country are all that you need to fill in if you are only updating another field or the position.

The modifications are collated every week or so by a human (!) and the database updated. Return to map-based or text list display.




If you need to update the position of a club use the map below. It fills in the latitude and longitude automatically. Locate your club by dragging and zooming the map below.


Using the search function may help with the initial positioning (unfortunately you have to click the Search button not press return).


Drag the map to reposition it. You can zoom with the slider on the left or use your mouse wheel.


Centre the club under the cross hairs (clicking on the "Satellite" option helps at high magnification). The coordinates of the club are automatically entered on the form Fill in the other details on the form and click Submit.


Please do supply type in the check number 1234 before submitting. Forms without the check number will be discarded (to eliminate spam). Thanks.


Club name*

Bribie Island CC

Number of Lawns


Club address

Sunderland Drive

Club addr. line 2


Club addr. line 3


Club town

Banksia Beach

Club state / county






Club telephone


Club email


Website address


Latitude (automatic)


Longitude (automatic)


Comments for webmaster

If updating details it helps if you indicate the value which needs changing. For a new club it helps if you include your email address.

Please type 1234 into this box (human check!)


* Club name is mandatory


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Hint: type a country, postcode/zip, state/county, full address.You have to click Search not press return.

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