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3D Croquet Lawn

Below are links to interactive 3D croquet lawns which run in your browser. Before you get too excited, they will only work in up-to-date browsers on up-to-date laptops or desktops. Performance on smartphones and iPads is dismal.

See the help file for full information on browser requirements and usage instructions. Most screen components have hints which pop up if you hover over them.

The links below open a new windows.

3D Simple croquet lawn

3D Coaching croquet lawn

Apologies to people who have incompatible computer kit; unfortunately there is no work-around.

I have a growing wish list and further manoeuvres will be added - after completing another project and a holiday!



Walter Jones Whitmore, James Dunbar Heath, Lord Tollemache and many others tried so hard to communicate through hand-colored diagrams what Ian Plummer has succeeded so brilliantly in presenting through his moving visuals. A pity they aren't here to take in the Plummerian magic! Thank you, Dr. P., for your efforts - you've made croquet strategy suddenly very clear. After having failed to follow early printed versions of shifting court positions, my understanding of the game has shot forward.


This is really good. As a 4½ I will watch the triple peel example at least weekly for the remainder of the winter before hitting the lawns in the spring!


Fascinating Ian, works well on Windows 7.


Ian, this is WONDERFUL!! Very appreciatively, What a Marvelous contribution this is to croquet




Works fine with Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7. Thanks.


Thanks very much. I love how the carrots show through the lawn's underside.


Beautifully done and such an asset to croquet players aspiring to do better. Grateful thanks,


Ooh, such a nice Xmas present… I do especially like some of the subtlety: the carrots below ground and the moving of clips mid-break!
- Safari on Mac OK. 
- Doesn’t load on my iPad (ios8.1.2) at all - keeps saying has a problem.
- Pan and zoom work on iPhone (iOS 8.1.2), but not click and drag


Ian, that's great! One suggestion for a small improvement: provide a button to restore the view to the default orientation. [Done!]


Good stuff, many thanks Ian!


Same for me on the iPhone. Plays just fine - speed a little slow, but not a problem. I’ve just tried it on my wife’s iPad2 mini and the sound is fine. Can’t move the balls on the simple version, but that’s a different problem.


Works great for me on Windows 8 and Firefox 34.0.5, (although I do get a failed script warning but seems to work anyway). Just need horizontal rain now for the true UK ambience :)


What a great Christmas present you have given to us all! As you said, it does not work with Opera, but it does with Maxthon. Congratulations, Ian. You are doing a great job for our wonderful game.


Dear Chief Scientist,This is an amazing coaching tool. Runs beautifully on my desktop (W8.1 and FF34) with  no mention of script error (so far). To really make use for coaching I may have to upgrade my laptop, which I have not yet tried for this.Two lesser requests for when/if you next find yourself with available time: 1  Beginners on a slow, <7P lawn would need the shortest available croquet shots  for their 4 ball break, in which case I would encourage them to play the inner rectangle. Would that be worth programming?2  A possible leave or two to go alongside the TP demo?Much more time will regrettably be spent doodling with this lovely tool. I add my incredulity and thanks to the others.


The fact that is runs so nicely on my iPad tablet makes it particularly useful for coaching.  In my case in developing my own TP skills I intend to use the system en court so to say.

Again, just takes the breath away!


Croquet in heaven or is it CourtWorld? Quite brilliant, whichever way you look at it. Best of all, it uses a contemporary medium to show the next generation what the game is all about. I daresay you have considered the possibility of being able to play games online – but that way madness lies. Select venue, weather, opponent, state of mind etc. It could (and maybe one day will) be done.


Congratulations on some excellent programming. Strange how two minds think alike. I too initially wanted something to assist me in thinking out peels etc and ended up in me developing a 3D programme which is very similar to yours but not in Java[Script].

I have written it in Ruby using Sketchup as the platform. I have Excel CSV files with the ball positions programmed for each demonstration. Having dealt with hoop clashes, I have just been adding the sound effects. The Sketchup environment allows me to adjust the viewpoint to the players eye position.


I just wanted to say really well done and thank you so much for providing the 3D croquet court. It will be a really excellent coaching tool in the future I can tell, particularly on wet windy days!


I am writing to thank you for creating such a superb bit of software. The commentaries are easy to process, and flow well with the virtual "play". This significantly simplifies the somewhat daunting task of obtaining the know-how to complete an SXP. Now to get the physical side of the manoeuvre sorted...

Also, I hope The Goat's RSI is OK!


I want to thank you again for the extraordinary program you've created.  I just got a desktop capture program (with audio) and was wondering if I could use your program to do presentations for my students (not charging students any money - completely free)?  It makes it so easy to discuss tactics!!!


* For example, on Windows, move the balls, set up the view then press Alt-PrtScn to copy the live window image to the clipboard. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201361 gives instructions for Apple Macs.

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