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Automated 'Automatic Handicap System' Card

Mark Gooding offers a computerised handicap card which calculates the steps, index changes and updates the index for you. It is based on Microsoft Excel hence you will need Excel on your machine to use it.

spreadsheet example
Click on the image for a full sized image (93K) - pop-up window

Click to download HandicapCard.xls (209KB - updated 4.v.15)

1.) This handicap card was created for use in the UK AHS, with handicap ranges from 28 to -3.

2.) I have only tested it with respect to games I have played. Bugs may exist and players should occasionally check that things are as they would expect.

3.) The automatic detection of handicap changes has only been checked briefly on the example given. Checks have not been done yet for a player with an increasing handicap.

4.) For Queries/Support email mark.gooding@gmail.com

5.) Please report any errors to me. Preferably send me your card so that I can see what is wrong.

Author: Mark Gooding
All rights reserved © 2004 - 2018

Updated 28.i.16
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