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John Riches' Coaching Booklets

The Oxford Croquet Site is pleased to have been selected by John Riches to present his series of eight croquet booklets. These cover Tactics, Techniques, Sports Psychology and Refereeing and will be added gradually. Their addition will be flagged on the site's What's New page.

We are indebted to John Ballantyne who did the major task of converting the booklets into electronic format. His "PDF" files were the basis for the alternative web page versions and have higher quality images than the latter. His files also paginate correctly, whereas anomalies appear when printing the web page version. I have taken efforts to ensure however that images are not cut or truncated.

All these files are large and, for the PDF versions, Adobe Acrobat viewer is required to view them.

John Riches started playing croquet in 1978 and rapidly became a top class player. He has played successfully at State and International level for many years. He has served as Chairman of the ACA Laws Committee, Chairman of the SACA Laws Committee and Secretary of the SACA Coaching Committee. He is famed for his passion that the Laws of Croquet should 'say what they mean' and has written extensively on the subject.

Web page (size)

PDF version


Lessons in Tactics - 214K
Next Break Strategy - 356K


Croquet Technique - 88K
Croquet - Finer Points - 358K
Recognition of Errors - 64K

Mental Approach

Croquet: the Mental Approach - 174K


Referees Guide - 68K  
Croquet - Collected Articles - 633K

Consequently please send me any corrections, etc. via the feedback link, below left.

The Croquet Association sells ring-bound versions of these booklets from their shop.

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