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Croquet Clips
Metal Clip
Metal Clip (Wood Mallets, NZ)

Coloured clips are used to mark which hoop a particular colour ball is next due to make. If a player is in the middle of a break they would not put the clip on the next hoop until they had finished their turn. Clips are defined in the Laws of Croquet, Law 3d, they may be of any material and match the colours of the balls. Typically clips are made from pastic or metal. The metal ones are by far the best.

It is a waste of money buying plastic clips - you will probably break the yellow clip trying to get it out of the packet. One manufacturer produces coloured rubber blunt wedges which hold on to the hoop. They are easily seen and unlikely to be taken home by mistake; they cannot be clipped onto a pocket though. Metal clips are highly desirable or, alternatively and much cheaper, giant clothes pegs. These were available from Sainsburys. You need to repaint them to get a full set of colours but otherwise they are fine. Note that normal clothes pegs barely gape wide enough to grip a cast metal hoop but are fine for tube and wire hoops.

Even a set of plastic clips can cost £5 a set. The Croquet Association, Big Game Hunters and Townsend amongst others sell metal clips. Jaques sell plastic clips which I have found to be very brittle.

Ian Plummer
February 2017


2012. A recomendation was given by the Bristol Club for painted metal clips from  Exquisite Scotland. ~£5.30 (total!) for 8 (4x primary and 4x secondary) with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. This compares favourably against £18 per 4 or £25 per 4 + P&P (E.g. The Croquet Association Shop).

Exquisite Scotland Clips

Exquisite Scotland Clips. Crown of hoop is ~3/4" diameter with proud lettering

Ian Plummer writes: I ordered a set for Oxford Croquet and they represent both very good value and quality. They are ~½" across hence it is possible to put both primaries and secondaries on the crown of a hoop without stacking. The springs are stronger than in conventional metal clips which may prove awkward for people with weak hands. Being narrower than conventional clips the dark colours may prover difficult to distiguish, e.g. brown and black. A paler brown and blue would be an advantage. The clips grip standard diameter crowns and uprights (5/8" diameter) adequately; they would be ideal on thinner ones. I suspect that fatter uprights would not be gripped well (3/4" is now allowed in the CA domain). The clips have a good grip when closed and hence would stay attached to clothing.

Exquisite Scotland Clip

Exquisite Scotland Clip on 5/8" hoop upright

Nigel Partridge writes: Recently I bought some clips from Exquisite Scotland having read about them on your website.

I have found them to be excellent - they are certainly inexpensive - but had to adjust them to suit the 3/4" hoop tops as otherwise they had a habit of springing off.  To do this I increased the gap at the point where the clip grips the hoop but having done so had to pinch the tips to enable them to be carried on clothing during play.  Otherwise I would recommend them to anyone who does not want to pay the inflated prices for other brands. November 2012.

Bent Clips

Clips after bending

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