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Croquet Mallet Heads produced from South African and imported hard-woods. Peripherally weighted. Double Tufnoll ends. Wooden inlaid sight-line.

The shafts are aluminium with a light wooden sheath to form the octagonal top grip, which is bound with a PU Grip tape. The head is connected to the shaft with a tapered nylon connector which allows the player to orientate the direction of the head to their natural grip. It also takes most of the shock of the stroke from the hand. With this connector, one is able to easily detach the shaft from the head for travel or storage. If a different head or shaft is required, one only has to replace the required component thereby reducing cost.

Illustration 1: African Rosewood and Cottonwood laminate
Illustration 1: African Rosewood and Cottonwood laminate
Illustration 2: Zebrano
Illustration 2: Zebrano
Illustration 3: Padouk
Illustration 3: Padouk, mallet on right darkened after time due to UV rays.
Mallet selection
Assortment of mallets in stock

I normally normally carry a stock of 40 to 50 mallets at the prices below:





Aluminium Shaft


Carbon Fibre Shaft


Complete Mallet with Aluminium Shaft


Above prices INCLUSIVE of air parcel parcel post to UK.

Mallets can be made with custom head and aluminium-shaft lengths - price £130.00 

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