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Other Accessories

This section collects together other croquet accessories. Unless stated there is no endorsement.


Hoop Gauges - courtesy of Tony Hall

Hoop Gauges

Hoop gauges measure the spacing between the uprights of the hoop. They are introduced into the jaws of the hoop at half-ball height once it is set in the ground to measure the gape.

Hoop gauges are useful for the general setting of hoops for club play. For tournament play however the hoop gape is set to be a fixed width larger than the the diameter of the largest ball in the set.

Feeler GaugesFeeler Gauges

For top-level play the hoops may be set to as little as 1/32" (total) wider than the ball. Consequently a set of shims of known thicknesses (feeler gauges) are useful for checking the clearance between the ball and the hoop. Note that the gauges should be lightly inserted not forced into the gap.

Ball Gauges

Ball Gauges sold by the Croquet Association - they cover 3 21/32", 3 5/8" and 3 19/32" and hence act as a pass/no-pass set. These are fine for general gauging of balls but are difficult to use for sphericity tests or matching ball sets.

The final panel show a metal and plastic feeler gauge set. The metal feeler gauge is 0.05 - 0.8mm in 9 steps. 0.8mm is 1/32".

Ball gauges and feeler gauges

Opposite is a hoop gauge made for the CA out of 1/2" thick aluminium plate. The slot in the plate has a very slight taper and the ball diameter is registered where it wedges in the taper

Taper ball gauge

Ball gauge commissioned by Frank Wharton

Wharton ball gauge, courtesy of Frank Wharton

Ball gauge commissioned by Chris Clarke

Ball gauge using a dial indicator, courtesy Chris Clarke

Hoop Lifter

Mike McClure of Terminator Mallets (NZ) (was Amber Tech) has devised a folding lever mechanism for drawing reluctant hoops from the ground. Details of this hoop lifter can be found here

Hoop Lifter courtesy of Mike McClure Hoop lifter folded, courtesy of Mike McClure

Ball Marking Plate

Again from Terminator Mallets (NZ) this is a plastic plate which is brought up to the ball to be marked and then the corners of the plate are marked. More details here.

Umpire's Marking Board, courtesy of Mike McClure



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