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Croquet Pegs
a peg

There is not a great deal to say about pegs except few manufacturers take notice of the correct dimensions. Pegs can be made from any durable material and should include a 6" long removable extension for seating clips on. The extension can be removed during play and should be removed when the peg is being knocked into the ground. The Laws of Croquet state (Law 3a):


  1. THE PEG
    1. SPECIFICATION The peg is a rigid cylinder with a height and uniform diameter above the ground of 18 inches and 1 1/2 inches respectively. It must be vertical, firmly fixed, and painted white to a height of at least 6 inches above the ground.
    2. EXTENSION The extension is ½ inch in diameter and 6 inches in length. It is designed to hold clips and to be fixed detachably to the top of the peg. The extension is not part of the peg for the purposes of Law 15 and may be temporarily removed at any time by the striker (see Law 35(c) if a ball hits the extension). When not attached to the peg the extension is an outside agency...

The tolerances for peg manufacture are given in appendix 1 of the Laws.

If you buy one with a plastic extension in the top - throw the plastic bit away! There are two reasons: it will break off leaving a stub in the top of the peg and the hole will be blocked. Secondly the extension which is provided with the peg is not legal - it is too short! It needs to be 6". It seems incredible that the manufacturers of pegs have not noticed that the specification changed years ago. A piece of dowel is all that is needed.

Pegs cost ~£40 and there is not much to choose between them.

There are no regulations about the colouration of the peg above the lower white 6" section. Traditionally the peg is striped above this in the colour order of play used in golf and American rules croquet (from the top: blue, red, black and yellow). I have also seen second colour striped pegs and others with a candy stripe like a barber's pole.

The picture, right, shows a typical naff peg lacking both the 6" of white at the base and a full length extension.

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