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Example Risk Assessment


Assessment of Risk for:     Croquet Club
Imperial College Union Recreational Clubs Committee


Chairman: Tom Tibbits


Dept & Year: Physics PG2


Date of assessment: 2/2/04

Assessment review date:  Nov-04

Hazard and risk

What are the consequences of the hazard occurring?

How is the risk controlled?

Further action required
to control the risk

Hazard - anything that can cause harm (e.g. chemicals, electricity, weather, etc.)
Risk - the chance, high or low, of the hazard occurring

Who will be harmed?
In what ways could the hazard cause harm?

What precautions are currently taken to guard against the hazard?

What further precautions should be taken in future to minimise the risk?

Lifting of tables and boxes of equipment
Risk - high

If done incorrectly the person lifting could damage their back or injure bystanders

Appropriate advice given to those people lifting. Communication between teams of lifters.

Ensure that anyone else completing these tasks is also given appropriate advice

Incorrect assembly or disassembly of equipment
Risk - medium

Metal hoops and spikes form part of the equipment for Croquet. Injury may occur if precaution is not taken.

Appropriate advice given to those people setting up game.

Ensure that anyone else completing this task is also given appropriate advice

Badly prepared food at an event (e.g. Freshers' tournament)
Risk - low

Anyone attending the event who ate food could get food poisoning

Following Union guidelines on the use of food


People smoking while playing croquet
Risk - low

Passive smoking may injure another’s health.

An outdoor pursuit is used to provide sufficient proximity from smokers.


Injury during play
Risk - low

Physical injury, to self or bystanders, may occur as a result of incorrect mallet use o over-zealous swinging.

Instruction in the correct use of a croquet mallet and advice to novice players.

Ensure all participants are observed to use equipment properly during play.

Author: Tom Tibbits
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