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Patrick Hort playing at Surbiton

Patrick Hort playing at the Surbiton Croquet Club

Croquet is a satisfying sport utilising tactics and touch in equal measure. It combines strategy and precision and is a bit like snooker on grass or a combination of chess and golf. Croquet can be enjoyed by all ages and sexes on an equal basis.

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This site collects together information concerning Association Croquet in over 700 articles and presents coaching information intended for both complete beginners and world champions.

There are two main forms of croquet: Association (or International) Rules croquet and American Rules croquet. The majority of the tactical information on this site is for the Association Rules game.

See Croquet World Online, for American Rules information.

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August 2015

Plus One On Time

Croquet Tactics For The Medium To High Handicap Player

By Don Gaunt

[Click here to view book]

By kind permission of the author, Oxford Croquet is pleased to add "Plus One on Time" to its online library*.

Plus One on Time is an excellent croquet book for the aspiring Association Croquet player and deals with tactical skills for players in the 18 to 6 handicap range.

The book is laid out clearly and has sections for different handicap ranges. It present information and analysis for the various levels of abilities; the author identifies which parts would suit the 12+, 8+ and 6+ handicap ranges. Separate chapters deal with the End Game and  Pegged-out & One-ball games.  Additionally advice is offered on hampered shots and other tactical niceties.

Don Gaunt has many years of experience as a player and coach and all readers should be able to pick up new awareness from his insight.

This book benefits from its transcription to the web since the diagrams are now inserted at the relevant places rather than being collected together, as in the paper book.  The paper book is still available from the Croquet Association for £5 (https://www.croquet.org.uk/shop/details.asp?ProductID=15)


Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Book
Chapter 2. On Your Marks!
Chapter 3. Get Set!
Chapter 4. Go!
Chapter 5. The End Game
Chapter 6. Pegged Out and One-Ball Games
Chapter 7. Hampered Shots
Chapter 8. Helpful Hints
Chapter 9. Other Types of Handicap Game
Chapter 10. Thank You for the Game!

* Other books: Expert Croquet Tactics (Wiley), Croquet Management (Gaunt & Wheeler).

January 2015

Getting withdrawal symptoms from not being near a croquet lawn?

Yearning to hear the click of croquet balls again?

Oxford Croquet's research laboratory is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art Virtual 3D Croquet Lawn.

3D Croquet lawn

Before you get too excited, it will only work in up-to-date browsers on up-to-date laptops or desktops.

Performance on smartphones and iPads is dismal. It is recommended that you close down your browser tab once you have finished using the 3D Lawn to maximise your computer's performance.

See the help file for information on browser requirements and usage instructions.

Two layouts are offered:

  • A Simple 3D Lawn which allows you to rotate and zoom the viewpoint and drag the balls. This can be used as the equivalent of a 'magnetic croquet lawn' for demonstrating manoeuvres to a group, e.g. by coupling your computer up to a projector. It is also useful for preparing lawn diagrams for the web or printing.
  • A Coaching 3D Lawn as above but with demonstration sequences of the four-ball-break, pivot swap, taking bisques, triple and sextuple peels. These have both written and spoken commentaries plus realistic noises.

Apologies to people who have incompatible computer kit; unfortunately there is no work-around.

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