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Full 6th Edition Laws

The copy of the 6th Edition laws given below is presented in a single web page. This is a large file (190KB). Note that the Full Laws are also available in PDF format from the Croquet Association web site.

6th Edition Laws - single file version

This listing has a number of virtues:

  • The entire Laws can be searched for a word or phrase, e.g 'outside agency'. (Hint: use control-F in the web page) .
  • All parts of the document are fully linked: the contents, inter-Law references and the index at the end. Consequently where a Law says "see Law 33(a)", a click on that reference takes you to that referenced Law.
  • The file is in plain HTML and can be downloaded onto a personal organiser for use in the field. (Hint: load the page then select File/Save in your browser. Note that there are three images associated with the text).
  • All the laws can be readily referenced by other web pages, e.g. http://www.oxfordcroquet.com/laws/6th/full/6th.htm#lawcode, where lawcode takes for the form: law number/section/section/... hence Law 27.c.1.b = http://www.oxfordcroquet.com/laws/6th/full/6th.htm#27c1b. For the appendices the lawcode is replaced by a/number/- then the section/section/... e.g. a4-3a3 = Appendix 4: 3.a.3. This however is slow route for a few look-ups since the entire file has to be loaded.  
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