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One-day Friendly Doubles Tournament

Kevin Carter of the Winchester Croquet Club writes: "I have organised a number of one-day tournaments and alternate stroke doubles is a most entertaining game, as well as being great for coaching high-bisquers (providing there are sufficient entries from 'low' bisquers - up to 10 handicap).

How it works

We plan to have four rounds, beginning at approximately: 9.40, 11.20, 2.00, 3.40, and each lasting 1½ hours. In each round you will have a different partner, drawn by the manager.

Each round will (normally) comprise an 18-point doubles game, starting at hoop 5. Each side will have bisques equivalent to one fifth of the sum of their handicaps. For instance, a 10 & 20 pairing will get 30/5=6 bisques; their opponents, say 5 & 12, will get 17/5=3½. (Always round to the nearest ½.)

All play will be 'alternate stroke'. This means that partners take it in turn for each stroke - e.g. A makes the roquet, B takes croquet, A runs the hoop, B makes the return roquet, etc. You are positively encouraged to discuss tactics and coach each other.

Play in all games ceases immediately time is called at 1½ hours. Then all players fill in their personal scoresheet (below). There will be prizes for the highest scoring individuals.

Win / Lose
Score (+/-)
No. Wins:
Net Points:  
Author: Kevin Carter
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