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Egyptian Tournament

How it works

Format :

Egyptian - Level Advanced

Time-limits :

None - unless agreed otherwise by both players

Leave :

Always granted (but please let the manager know)

Handicap card :

Matches count on the handicap card - unless agreed otherwise by both players

Ranking points :

Matches do not count towards ranking points

The tournament is a level-advanced Egyptian. This operates as a self-service challenge ladder. Each person has a record card that they pin to the Playing Board indicating their status. There are three sections: Waiting for Play, In Play and Resting.

When you want to play, move your card into the Waiting section and see if there is anyone with whom you wish to play already waiting there. When you find an opponent move your cards to the In Play area, find a vacant lawn and start play.

Once the game is over you should update your record card. Each person has a rating that changes constantly throughout the tournament. The amount that your rating changes after each game is given on the accompanying table and depends on each player's rating at the start of the game. The initial ratings were assigned from your handicap.

If you want to go back to play another game move your card back to the Waiting area or if you want a break put it into the Resting area.

Games can be pegged down at the end of the day if you wish to continue in the morning.


Players have been divided, on handicap basis, into three groups. There will be a winner in each group plus an overall winner, decided in each case by whose rating has increased the most. In order to qualify, you must play a minimum of five games, including at least four games against players in your own group.

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