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Round Robin Generator

Round Robin resultsA round robin competition is where everyone plays everyone else. If everyone plays each other twice it is called a double round robin - as used in some the prestigious Eights matches (President's Cup, Spencer Ell, etc.) at the end of each croquet season in England. See the Wikipedia entry for round robin tournaments.

Key factors about a round robin are that:

  • it requires N-1 rounds for N players
  • a few bad performances are not lethal
  • there can be games which do not affect one player's standing but are significant to the other player
  • 'leave' (time off) is difficult unless there is an odd number of players
  • there is no big final match

The form below allows a round robin schedule to be prepared for up to 256 players. Optionally the players' names can be entered and they will appear in the output. It is suggested that the resulting sheet is cut and pasted either into Word or Excel and customised for a particular event.

Number of players:

Required, but if the number of names below exceeds this it will be incremented correctly

Names of players (optional):

Optional. One name per line. Can be pasted from Excel, etc. Do not leave a blank line at the bottom.

Tile results

If checked the draw tables are tiled across the sheet. Otherwise they appear one below the other, as in the diagram above right which is easier for copy and paste.


There are many similar round robin generators on the web. E.g.

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