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Speed Croquet

The games will be 14-point games under the Laws of Association Croquet (Law 44) with the following modifications:

  1. Each side has a time limit of 1/2 hour, unless specified otherwise by the manager.
  2. A side's time runs from when the opponent's stroke has finished {balls at rest and replaced on the yard-line} and the opponents have quit the lawn. If a player steps onto the lawn before the opponents have quit, that side's time starts immediately. {At any instant only one side's time should be running!}.
  3. It is the responsibility of the side quitting the lawn to switch the clocks, although the other side or an independent time keeper may do it.
  4. If a side's time expires their turn finishes at the instant that their time expired. {Any balls in motion may still score points before they come to rest}.
  5. Once a side's time has expired they may take a single-ball stroke in subsequent turns. {They may score points and scatter balls, but are not eligible to any croquet or continuation strokes. Bisques may not be used}.
  6. Once time has expired for both sides, the side with the most points is the winner. If the scores are level, then normal Association play resumes {bisques may be used} until a point is scored.
  7. If the game is interrupted due to an out side agency, {e.g. a double banked game} or if a referee or assistant referee is called, the clocks are stopped until the player is in a position to play again. If there are exceptional circumstances the clocks are stopped. {For example; if a ball is lost or equipment breaks}.
  8. A side may only score 2 points for itself by peeling under handicap play.
  9. Bisques. Under handicap play the weaker side receives 1/4 of the handicap difference between the sides. Any fraction of a bisque is rounded up to the nearest half or full bisque.
    Bisque Difference Bisques
    ½ ... 2 ½
    2 ½ ... 4 1
    4 ½ ... 6 1 ½
    6 ½ ... 8 2
    8 ½ ... 10 2 ½
    10 ½ ... 12 3
    12 ½ ... 14 3 ½
    14 ½ ... 16 4
    16 ½ ... 18 4 ½ 
    18 ½ ... 20 5
  10. Unless stated otherwise in advance by the manager, the Winner of the event will be the side which has won most games, then if necessary on who beat whom and finally on points.
These rules are based on those used at the Surbiton Club with modifications
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Updated 28.i.16
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