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Bob Alman, Editor of Croquet World On-line and publicist of many croquet events in the USA writes about sending material to Editors

A couple of observations:

Faxes are still the overwhelmingly preferred form of press release in the U.S. for the daily press. Often, the newspapers never look at email, because everybody who knows sends via fax or postal mail. The email systems are often jammed up and filled with spam. If you send a fax, they already have it on paper to distribute, they don't have to photocopy it. Even the smaller weeklies and monthlies who are just going to quote you verbatim and would reasonably like an electronic copy still prefer the fax. They like paper. Except when...

If you have high-resolution pics, editors/writers are sometimes eager to receive them via email IF you have prearranged it. If you send a email release cold with a photo attachment, they probably won't open it.

If you're really intent on dispelling the editorial preconceptions you mentioned of which we must constantly be aware (i.e., coathangers stuck in the ground and wooden balls, etc.), burn some dramatic photos of croquet the sport onto a CD and send it in your mail package. Again, this probably isn't worth it unless you've already talked to someone specific and they're prepared to receive it.

The weeklies and monthlies often will not accept any kind of digital information, and you need 5x7 photos or larger to send to them through the postal mail along with your release.

- BA

Author: Bob Alman
All rights reserved © 2002

Updated 28.i.16
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