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Ball Colours


The Croquet Association Equipment Committee has produced recommendations for the colours for croquet balls using the Natural Colour System (NCS).  A description of the system can be found at http://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/color7.html#ncs

“The NCS is a descriptive system. Each colour is described by the extent to which it resembles the "elementary" colours. There are four chromatic colours in which no trace of any other chromatic colour can be seen, i.e. red, yellow, green and blue. In addition, there are two achromatic colours, black and white, which contain no trace of the chromatic colours. Any given colour can have resemblances to two chromatic colours plus black and white. A particular purple, for example, could have 60% resemblance to red and 40% resemblance to blue. It would then have a hue of R40B (`between red and blue, with 40% blue'). However, there are a large number of R40B colours, being pale or dark (their resemblance to white or black) and having more or less colour. A full description therefore includes the blackness, S, and the chromaticness (degree of resemblance to the chromatic colour), C. So the full description of a colour takes the form S 1040-R40B.”


Hues between B and R80B (inclusive), with S less than 50 and C greater than or equal to 50. Aim for S 1560-R90B to S 2060-R90B.


Hues between R and Y95R, with S less than 30 and C greater than or equal to 70.


Hues between G90Y and Y10R, with S less than 10 and C approximately 80.


Hues between B90G and G10Y, with S less than 40 and C greater than 50.


Hues between Y90R and R20B, with S less than 20 and C less than or equal to 50.


Hues between Y30R and Y80R, with S between 30 and 50 and C between 20 and 60

This description is extracted from an article in The Croquet Gazette, Issue 339, August 2012, pp17-19: The Colours of Croquet Balls by Lawrence Whittaker.

Author: Dr Lawrence Whittaker
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