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Comparison of Players with both International and USA Handicaps

I recently organised a tournament in America in which International rules were played.  Many of the players only had US handicaps and the question arose "which International handicap corresponds to which US rules handicap?"

Using the scant available data  I drew a rough graph of the two handicap ranges put a few points in, sighed, and then drew in a rough line and called that definitive!  To a rough approximation there are two components which make a successful croquet player; successful stroke execution and tactics...

I have repeated my graph drawing,  taking data from the Croquet America site (http://www.croquetamerica.com/), where they publish separate lists of players' International and US rules handicaps (186 International handicaps, 2793 US).  I matched players between lists on a simple forename-surname match.  This was done by software and not checked otherwise, hence there may be some bogus results.  I suceeded in getting 107 matches. Below I plot the players' relative handicaps.

USA vs International Handicap

Clearly there is negligible correlation!  Another way to display the data is to take each of the 107 people and show both their handicaps. Below the dark blue diamonds are International handicaps and the pink squares the US handicaps.

USA vs International Handicap

For example a US scratch (0) player could have an International handicap ranging from -2 to 5, or excluding the odd points, -2 to +2 or 8 handicap steps.

The conclusion is that there is no sensible correlation between the two handicap ranges for the two games.  Beware anyone organising a tournament where only one type of handicap for a player is known.

Data collected 15.x.00

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